Terminally Committed

If your idea of a great night is to spend it in a padded room, Walls starting to fade with time,  And Guards long gone home from endless long nights on the watch. Then the Rolling Hills Asylum with Sharon Coyle and our hosts Rob and Jason is the episode to catch.. 


Built: 1828


In Operation: 146 years (Closed in 1974)



11001 Bethany Center Road

East Bethany, NY 14054


Booking Information:

Book online: Rolling Hills Asylum Site

To book by phone call: 912-704-9121


Need to know:

Working Electricity 

Bathroom Facilities onsite


Listen to the show for a brief history and a recap of recent paranormal activity. 

Copyright Rolling Hills Asylum Click for site

Copyright Rolling Hills Asylum Click for site



Rolling Hills Asylum


(585) 502-4066