Episode 135: Horsefly Chronicles and The Native Spirits

On November 1st, Philip Siracusa from the Horsefly Chronicles, Marie Bargas the Hollywood witch, Michael Bastine Co-Author of Iroquois Supernatural, writer and all around genius Tony Sokol from entertainment2morrow.com, joined Rachel Rodbell from III Fold Paranormal to discuss the Horsefly Chronicles home and the Native American Connection.

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Episode 126 "Ghosts of Georgia on Our Mind" with Nikki Bartlett

As the cold air begins to drape across the landscape, we hold onto the memories of jasmine scented breezes. Hot and humid magnolia summers, give way to cool crisp nights echoing the footsteps of our guest tonight. Nikki Bartlett, the founder of Southeastern Paranormal Group, and Southeastern Para Pixies, shares her stories of midnight hunts in Georgia haunts. Tune in to share the autumn chills and haunted memories.  

Photo of Hand print on back mentioned during show

Photo of Hand print on back mentioned during show

Episode 125 "Originations, the Origins of Halloween and a discussion of Superstitions" with Rev Robyne

The beginning of the holiday season for many, Halloween has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. From horror movies to “haunted” attractions, Rev Robyne Marie returns to discuss the humble origins behind the holiday many of us love to celebrate!  We also take time to discuss a myriad array of superstitions and share our favorite Halloween moments.

Episode 122 “Spirits From Beyond the Heavens’ – with Andrea Perron

In the paranormal community, there are whispers of a connection between ghosts and alien sightings. What do the unknown here on earth, and the unknown above have in common? On Living Paranormal we will explore these ideas with Andrea Perron.



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A World Awakening – Just one of many shows hosted by George R. Lopez and Andrea Perron



House of Darkness, House of Light



Episode 120: Arsenic and Old Magic with Stregone Vincent Russo

When we think of the origins of Wicca and witchcraft, we often think of the shores of the British Aisles. However, magic comes in many forms. With a cultural heritage heralding from North Italy to Sicily, Stregone Rev Vincent Russo comes to Living Paranormal to teach us about Stregaria and shed light on the practice of Wicca in general. With Special Guest Host George Aguilar filling in for Rob Henry, we welcome you to take a deeper look at the wonderful and in many cases, little known practice of the Italian or Sicilian craft.