Episode 135: Horsefly Chronicles and The Native Spirits

On November 1st, Philip Siracusa from the Horsefly Chronicles, Marie Bargas the Hollywood witch, Michael Bastine Co-Author of Iroquois Supernatural, writer and all around genius Tony Sokol from entertainment2morrow.com, joined Rachel Rodbell from III Fold Paranormal to discuss the Horsefly Chronicles home and the Native American Connection.

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Episode 122 “Spirits From Beyond the Heavens’ – with Andrea Perron

In the paranormal community, there are whispers of a connection between ghosts and alien sightings. What do the unknown here on earth, and the unknown above have in common? On Living Paranormal we will explore these ideas with Andrea Perron.



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In A Flicker


Book Written By George R. Lopez and Andrea Perron


A World Awakening – Just one of many shows hosted by George R. Lopez and Andrea Perron



House of Darkness, House of Light



Episode 119: "Leave the Lights On at Night..." With The Conjuring's Andrea Perron

In 2013, The Conjuring hit the dark corners of theatres world-wide. It followed the story of a growing family moving into a picturesque farm house atop 200 sprawling acres. As the former owner handed the keys of the estate over to Mr. Perron, he left the new owner with an ominous phrase "Leave the lights on at night."   Tonight we speak with the eldest daughter of the Perron Household, Ms. Andrea Perron. We will find out, what happened at night. 


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Episode 116: Breaking Into the Paranormal Underground With-Cheryl and Chad Wilson

In this episode of Living Paranormal,    we have the editor and publisher for the popular "Paranormal Underground Magazine". If you thirst for knowledge of the paranormal, here is an in depth look at the inner workings of the creation process. Chad and Cheryl talk about the life behind the presses and in the field.


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EPISODE 115: "Backstage Pass with Dustin Pari, The Paranormal Rockstar!"

On episode 115 we welcome The Paranormal Rockstar Dustin Pari, Dustin is a veteran of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. We'll be discussing all things Paranormal and inspirational along with his new book "And The Devil Shivered"! This turned into a laugh riot full of wonderful and insightful informational.