Episode 86: "Pop In On The Shades of The Shaffer" - with owner Joel Marks

75 miles south of Albuquerque in the sands of New Mexico stands The Shaffer Hotel, a unique Pueble Deco work of Art built by Clem "Pop" Shaffer in 1923. Adorned with various beautiful imagery from top to bottom, try to keep your wits about you when visiting. As some of the "other residents" may want to say hi. Join Jason and Rob as they discuss the history both living and dead with current owner Joel Marks at www.LivingParanormal.com/:Live.  Find information on the Shaffer hotel at http://www.shafferhotel.com/.  

Links Referenced During the Show:

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Serpent's Gate By Michael McGarrity


Photos of the Shaffer Hotel (Non-Paranormal)