Episode 85: Using Fiction to Search for Truth – With Special Guest Ken Cherry

In the skies of Stephenville, Texas on January 8th 2008 residents began calling in to authorities reporting lights appearing overhead. Some of the authorities not only took down their testimonies, they witnessed the phenomena for themselves first hand. Listen in as Rob and Jay Interview Author Ken Cherry about the new book concerning the occurrence in the skies. It is a two full hours of info and intrigue concerning what happens above our heads as we sleep. 

If you want a Summer Book that will teach you the information the UFO community collects then this book is it. In addition to the Stephenville sightings there is a great appendix that gives you a wide variety of information on previous sightings. 

If you order the book directly from the author’s site you will get a signed autographed copy! Find him at http://www.epicvoyagers.com.

For more information on Ken Cherry you can find his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/epicvoyagers.

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