Episode 98: "Pass the Proton Pack Please" With Special Guest George Aguilar

So, you have gone and dropped the big bucks on the latest and greatest... Only to find that, it's STILL not giving you some of the features you wanted! Oh, why can't my EMF detector make me a grilled cheese sandwich!? No really, why haven't we invented that yet?  What is your dream gadget? What improvements do you think can be made to existing devices? We call on long-time friend of the show George Aguilar to come in and give his points on many of these devices and share a few of his wishes.

A Link to the case rob is using for his camera set up:

While not available now, it will give you an idea of what you can use.


Camera currently used in Rob's Setup


Link to Recommended site and flashlight from George


Base Mel Meter Recommendation


Rob's Recommended Mel Meter


Jason's MEL Meter Recommendation