Episode 8: You'll be Crying Over My Scrying

Rob and Jason welcome a very special guest. Reverend Robyne Marie!!!!

Rev. Robyne Marie, renowned International Medium and Star of TV, Film, Stage and Author --deemed “The Boston Ghost Magnet”. Clairvoyant since age 4, she acts as a bridge between the living and the world beyond. “Through the eyes…into the spirit world”, she says of her unique gift of Photo Scrying. Robyne possesses the innate ability to see Live and Animated spirits through photographs.  As Salem’s Star Medium, she has worked on police and cold cases since 1981, earning her critical acclaim for her accuracy through remote viewing. Robyne is a Behavioral Psychologist, Parapsychologist, Ph.D in Metaphysics, Holistic Life Coach and ordained Minister. She implements a holistic approach toward Spirit contact, teaching paranormal teams around the world that “Ghosts are people too.”

Come join us for an amazing show.

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