Episode 130: "Paranormal Guy and The Skeptic Eye" With Matthew J Haas

Please note: This episode contains potentially foul language.  

How do you define "Paranormal to a skeptic? When is too much too much? Why study the paranormal? And why am I asking soo d$@n many questions?!

Matthew J Haas, Co-Host of Paranormal Talk Radio joins the guys in a lively conversation about Skeptics and the Paranormal, personal experiences, and the virtue of various pieces of equipment.  Wow, reading that sounds boring, but I assure you a good time was had by all!  Of course, the chat room joins in on the antics, and laughs were had by all! 

To catch the fun live and join in on the good times, drop by www.LivingParanormal.com/Live on Wednesday night at 7:30 Central 8:30 Eastern!

Episode 126 "Ghosts of Georgia on Our Mind" with Nikki Bartlett

As the cold air begins to drape across the landscape, we hold onto the memories of jasmine scented breezes. Hot and humid magnolia summers, give way to cool crisp nights echoing the footsteps of our guest tonight. Nikki Bartlett, the founder of Southeastern Paranormal Group, and Southeastern Para Pixies, shares her stories of midnight hunts in Georgia haunts. Tune in to share the autumn chills and haunted memories.  

Photo of Hand print on back mentioned during show

Photo of Hand print on back mentioned during show

Episode 125 "Originations, the Origins of Halloween and a discussion of Superstitions" with Rev Robyne

The beginning of the holiday season for many, Halloween has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. From horror movies to “haunted” attractions, Rev Robyne Marie returns to discuss the humble origins behind the holiday many of us love to celebrate!  We also take time to discuss a myriad array of superstitions and share our favorite Halloween moments.