Sentenced Beyond Life


Lori O'Neil will educate us on the true stories behind one of the toughest prisons on the east coast. Many of those that did hard time in life continue to serve once life ended


Built: 1876

In Operation: 119 years (Closed in 1995)


818 Jefferson Avenue

Moundsville, WV


Evidence Discussed during show: 

WV Paranormal Video - Blow this up to full screen 

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If you want to book by phone please call 304-845-6200

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$900 for 6 hours for up to 20 people
$50 for each person above 20 people

Access to the Public tours: 

$85 per person


Need to know:

Does contain working Electricity (may have to request for some areas to be turned on)

Bathroom Facilities onsite


Listen to the show for a brief history and a recap of recent paranormal activity.