Delivered From Dark Forces

William "Bill" Bean is an internationally known author, Lecturer and media personality with over 30 years of experience in the paranormal field. He has written two books about his experiences, the first entitled Dark Force (2009), which inspired the Discovery Channel docu-drama "House of the Dead," and the second entitled Delivered (2010). Bill's story has given rise to over 900 interviews worldwide. 

In this nights episode he discusses not only the horrific events surrounding his childhood but gets personal with the hosts as he describes how this has shaped his present and future. We invite all of you to download and listen to a wonderful interview. 

During the Show he will discuss shots from his photo Gallery which you will find a link to right here!  

Bill Bean

To find Bill Bean on the Net AND to purchase his books you can find him at:

Here you can find his books

Dark Force


And his new inspirational work

Ten Steps to Victory